Several New Publications

Hey friends!

I've got lots of new writing out there in the universe. First off some movie reviews - if you're a fan of bad movies, you're going to want to check out Intruder ( If you like good movies (particularly good foreign movies and good World War II movies), then you need to see The Innocents (

Next up, I've got an essay about scrapbooking (yes, you read that right - scrapbooking) that's forthcoming from Brain Mill Press. I love writing essays but don't get to do it nearly enough, so this was a real treat and I'm so excited the folks at Brain Mill picked it up!

My brother Casey and I have two of our "painted stories" being published by fabulous new online journals - Slink Chunk Press and Intrinsick. I'll put links up as soon as they are online and then everyone must please share them all over the Internet.

And finally, my story Olive Urchin, a retelling of Oliver Twist set in Hong Kong, is going to be published by Blinders Literary Journal

Thanks so much for all of the love and support!