First Review of Gay Zoo Day!

The first reviews of my book Gay Zoo Day are coming in! Here are some excerpts:

From After Happy Hour Review:

"We have the thoroughly entertaining grab bag of fiction that moves seamlessly from spy thriller to ghost story to hard-boiled noir and soft sci-fi. The protagonists in all stories are gay, but the end result is more than a simple orientation change. How does the story of a two-fisted 1930s adventurer pilot change when it ain’t the dames he’s interested in, so to speak? How does the budding romance between two astronauts in the near-future adjust along with their orientation? Genre fiction relies on its clichés to provide readers with a familiar experience, and McClelland is all too happy to exploit them...Impressive stuff, to put it mildly."

From Reviews by Amos Lassen:

"There have been many short stories with gay and lesbian characters and with gay and lesbian settings. What there has not been are literary LGBT short stories but there are now with this collection. In this one book, Mike McClelland has raised the bar. His stories have depth and subtexts and are really like reading short novels."

New Interviews

I had a great interview last week with Jeremy Rodriguez from Philadelphia Gay News - read it here:

I was also interviewed by Dallas Duncan at The Georgia Voice last month:

Beautiful Literary Weekend

Hi friends!

This weekend I had a the chance to read at the legendary Bluestockings in New York City and also to attend at craft intensive with the amazing Naomi Jackson (who wrote the stunning The Star Side of Bird Hill) through Tin House Magazine. 

Big news coming on the work front that I can't share yet, but I can share some new reviews of books and movies over at Spectrum Culture (particularly Moonlight - see it NOW). I've also got a story coming this month over at Blinder's that I will share as soon as it is up.

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The Limey and Queen Mob's Teahouse


So, first off - I've got a feature up on Spectrum Culture about Steven Soderbergh's underrated 1999 film The Limey. Read that here: It's a great film (and short - only 87 minutes) so you should definitely do yourself a favor and see it.

Second, my brother and I have one of our pieces going into one of my absolute favorite journals - Queen Mob's Teahouse. Casey created a beautiful painting that served as inspiration for my story about an American runner having an intense holiday stay at a colleague's beach home in South Africa. I'll put a link up once it is out (which will be in September).

Thanks for the love and support. 

Several New Publications

Hey friends!

I've got lots of new writing out there in the universe. First off some movie reviews - if you're a fan of bad movies, you're going to want to check out Intruder ( If you like good movies (particularly good foreign movies and good World War II movies), then you need to see The Innocents (

Next up, I've got an essay about scrapbooking (yes, you read that right - scrapbooking) that's forthcoming from Brain Mill Press. I love writing essays but don't get to do it nearly enough, so this was a real treat and I'm so excited the folks at Brain Mill picked it up!

My brother Casey and I have two of our "painted stories" being published by fabulous new online journals - Slink Chunk Press and Intrinsick. I'll put links up as soon as they are online and then everyone must please share them all over the Internet.

And finally, my story Olive Urchin, a retelling of Oliver Twist set in Hong Kong, is going to be published by Blinders Literary Journal

Thanks so much for all of the love and support!


Two new movie reviews!

Hi friends! I've got two new movie reviews up on Spectrum Culture. The first is of Tikkun, a strange, creepy, black & white art film about the Hasidic community in Jerusalem ( The second is for Tickled, a documentary about "competitive endurance tickling" which sounds funny, and is, but the film is also a compelling thriller that looks at cyberbullying and homophobia ( Have a read and let me know if you watch them!

New Review on Spectrum Culture

I have another film review up, in this case it's the wonderful Presenting Princess Shaw for Spectrum Culture. To quote myself, "It is the most compelling, heart-swelling and utterly current version of the A Star is Born formula that you could ever hope to see."