Gay Zoo Day: Tales of Seeking and Discovery. Beautiful Dreamer Press. Forthcoming September 2017.


Short Fiction

"Gay Zoo Day" in ImageOutWrite (Volume 5, Fall 2016)

"Olive Urchin" in Blinders (Issue 5, December 2016)

"The Self-Banished" in ink&coda (Issue 3.1, Winter 2016)

"The Unexpectedly Inclusive Rapture" in The Flash Fiction Press (November 2015)


Ekphrastic Fiction

"Foul Fairlie" in Quail Bell Magazine (December 2016)

"Sheffield Beach" in Queen Mob's Teahouse (September 2016)

"Bug" in Slink Chunk Press (September 2016)

"The Seven Verses of Grief" in Intrinsick Mag (August 2016)

"Blufyr" in Permafrost (Issue 38.1, Spring 2016)


Anthologized Fiction

"Flyboys and Cowboys" in Cowboy Roundup (JMS Press, 2015): Purchase Here 

"Limerick" in Not Just Another Pretty Face (Beautiful Dreamer Press, Spring 2016):

"Mombasa Vengeance" in Gents: Steamy Stories from the Age of Steam (Lethe Press, Forthcoming 2017)



"Gay Rapunzel" in Windmill's Identity Issue (March 2017)

"I Will Make Beautiful Memories" in Brain Mill Press (September 2016)

"Embarrassing Body" in Cactus Heart (Issue 14.5, Winter 2015): Purchase Here



"Seasonal Depression" in Poetry Pacific (Issue 5.2, Autumn 2016)

"Spring Snow" in Poetry Pacific (Issue 5.2, Autumn 2016)


Selected Book Reviews

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J. Robert Lennon's Broken River. Spectrum Culture (June 2017).

Dominic Smith's The Last Painting of Sara De Vos. Spectrum Culture (April 2017).

Ben Tanzer's Be CoolSpectrum Culture (March 2017).

Michael Cunningham's A Wild Swan. Spectrum Culture (February 2017).

Philip Dean Walker's At Danceteria and Other Stories Spectrum Culture (February 2017).

Edmundo Paz Soldán's NorteSpectrum Culture (January 2017).

Louise Simonson's DC Comics CovergirlsSpectrum Culture (November 2016).

Jan Brandt's Against the WorldSpectrum Culture (October 2016).

Building Fires in the Snow. Spectrum Culture (October 2016).

Anita Agnihotri's SeventeenSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

Zakes Mda's Rachel's BlueSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

John McCarthy's Ghost CountyHeavy Feather Review (June 2016).

Matthew Binder's High in the Streets. Heavy Feather Review (May 2016).


Selected Film Reviews

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A Ghost Story. Spectrum Culture (July 2017).

Revisit: Deep Red. Spectrum Culture (June 2017). 

Rough Night. Spectrum Culture (June 2017).

A Dark SongSpectrum Culture (April 2017). 

The Wind That Carries UsSpectrum Culture (April 2017).

ColossalSpectrum Culture (April 2017).

The Olive Tree. Flickering Myth. (March 2017)

Get OutSpectrum Culture. (February 2017)

King Kong (2005 version)Spectrum Culture. (February 2017).

Suspiria (40 Years Later)Spectrum Culture. (January 2017).

Titanic (20 Years Later)Spectrum Culture. (January 2017).

A Monster Calls. Spectrum Culture. (January 2017).

Always ShineSpectrum Culture. (November 2016).

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Spectrum Culture (November 2016).

The Eagle Huntress. Spectrum Culture (November 2016).

Moonlight. Spectrum Culture (October 2016)

Beauty and the Beast. Spectrum Culture (September 2016)

Tanna. Spectrum Culture (September 2016)

Don't Breathe. Spectrum Culture (August 2016)

Shadow of a DoubtSpectrum Culture (August 2016)

The LimeySpectrum Culture (July 2016)

The InnocentsSpectrum Culture (July 2016)

TickledSpectrum Culture (June 2016)

Presenting Princess ShawSpectrum Culture (May 2016)



PA native pens first short-story collection. Interview with Philadelphia Gay News. (July 2017)

Gay Georgia author to release first literary work this fall. Interview with The Georgia Voice. (June 2017)

Graduate Student Turns Life Lessons Into Published Work. Interview with Georgia College. (May 2017)

"Six Questions for Georgia Knapp, Michael McClelland and Simon Williamson, Editors, On The Veranda" on Six Questions For... (July 2016)



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Editorial Assistant/Circulation Assistant, Flannery O'Connor Review (2014 to 2016)

Editorial Assistant, The Allegheny Review (2006 to 2007)

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News and Features

"The Top Ten Horror Comedies of All Time" for Spectrum Culture (October 2016)

"The 20 Best Actors of All Time, Pt. 1: Tom Hanks" for Spectrum Culture (August 2016)

"Duel of the Grass-Court Damsels" in The Daily Maverick

"All Hail King Novak, Ruler of Wimbledon and All Serbs" in The Daily Maverick

"The World's Leading Independent Agencies: The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners" in Campaign Magazine