Book Reviews

Bill Mares' and Jeffrey Danziger's The Full VermontySpectrum Culture (March 2018).

Matthew Griffin's Hide. Spectrum Culture. (March 2018).

Yasunari Kawabata's House of the Sleeping Beauties. Spectrum Culture (February 2018).

Gillian G. Gaar's Hendrix: The Illustrated Story. Spectrum Culture (January 2018). 

Dan Vyleta's Smoke. Spectrum Culture (November 2017).

Kristen Bakis's Lives of the Monster Dogs. Spectrum Culture (November 2017).

Jesmyn Ward's Sing, Unburied, Sing. Spectrum Culture (October 2017).

Jac Jemc's The Grip of It. Spectrum Culture (October 2017).

Zachary Mason's Void StarSpectrum Culture (September 2017).

Robert Moor's On Trails. Spectrum Culture (September 2017).

Kanishk Tharoor's Swimmer Among the Stars. Spectrum Culture (August 2017).

Alexia Kannas' Deep Red (Cultographies). Spectrum Culture (August 2017).

Cara Hoffman's RunningSpectrum Culture (July 2017). 

J. Robert Lennon's Broken River. Spectrum Culture (June 2017).

Dominic Smith's The Last Painting of Sara De Vos. Spectrum Culture (April 2017).

Ben Tanzer's Be CoolSpectrum Culture (March 2017).

Michael Cunningham's A Wild Swan. Spectrum Culture (February 2017).

Philip Dean Walker's At Danceteria and Other Stories Spectrum Culture (February 2017).

Edmundo Paz Soldán's NorteSpectrum Culture (January 2017).

Louise Simonson's DC Comics CovergirlsSpectrum Culture (November 2016).

Jan Brandt's Against the WorldSpectrum Culture (October 2016).

Building Fires in the Snow. Spectrum Culture (October 2016).

Anita Agnihotri's SeventeenSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

Zakes Mda's Rachel's BlueSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

John McCarthy's Ghost CountyHeavy Feather Review (June 2016).

Matthew Binder's High in the Streets. Heavy Feather Review (May 2016).


Film Reviews

Love, Simon. Spectrum Culture (March 2018).

1:54. Spectrum Culture (March 2018).

The Strangers: Prey at Night. Spectrum Culture (March 2018).

Red Sparrow. Spectrum Culture (March 2018).

Annihilation. Spectrum Culture (February 2018).

Peter Rabbit. Spectrum Culture (February 2018).

Bilal. Spectrum Culture (February 2018).

Saturday Church. Spectrum Culture (January 2018).

Insidious: The Last Key. Spectrum Culture (January 2018).

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Spectrum Culture (December 2017).

Quest. Spectrum Culture (December 2017).

Mudbound. Spectrum Culture (November 2017).

God's Own Country. Spectrum Culture (November 2017).

Most Beautiful Island. Spectrum Culture (November 2017).

The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Spectrum Culture (October 2017).

The Snowman. Spectrum Culture (October 2017).

Tom of Finland. Spectrum Culture (October 2017)

Realive. Spectrum Culture (October 2017).

The Wilde Wedding. Spectrum Culture (September 2017).

mother!. Spectrum Culture (September 2017).

Polina. Spectrum Culture (August 2017). 

Patti Cake$. Spectrum Culture (August 2017).

Menashe. Spectrum Culture (August 2017).

Annabelle: Creation. Spectrum Culture (August 2017)

Girls Trip. Spectrum Culture (July 2017). 

A Ghost Story. Spectrum Culture (July 2017).

2:22. Spectrum Culture (July 2017).

Bad Frank. Flickering Myth (June 2017).

Pop Aye. Spectrum Culture (June 2017).

Rough Night. Spectrum Culture (June 2017).

The MummySpectrum Culture (June 2017). 

It Comes At NightSpectrum Culture (June 2017). 

The ExceptionSpectrum Culture (June 2017). 

SodomSpectrum Culture (May 2017). 

SnatchedSpectrum Culture (May 2017).

The Rizen. Flickering Myth (May 2017).

BurdenSpectrum Culture (May 2017). 

My Pet Dinosaur. Flickering Myth (April 2017).

A Dark SongSpectrum Culture (April 2017). 

The Fate of the Furious. Spectrum Culture (April 2017).

The Outcasts. Flickering Myth (April 2017).

Colossal. Spectrum Culture (April 2017).

Beacon Point. Flickering Myth (April 2017).

Carrie Pilby. Spectrum Culture (April 2017).

Power Rangers. Spectrum Culture (March 2017).

Atomica. Spectrum Culture (March 2017).

The Olive Tree. Flickering Myth (March 2017).

Get OutSpectrum Culture (February 2017).

Havenhurst. Spectrum Culture (February 2017).

RingsSpectrum Culture (February 2017).

SplitSpectrum Culture (January 2017).

The CrashSpectrum Culture (January 2017).

A Monster Calls. Spectrum Culture (January 2017).

SingSpectrum Culture (December 2016).

SlashSpectrum Culture (December 2016).

Always ShineSpectrum Culture (November 2016).

The Eagle Huntress. Spectrum Culture (November 2016).

Moonlight. Spectrum Culture (October 2016).

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Spectrum Culture (September 2016).

Beauty and the Beast. Spectrum Culture (September 2016).

Tanna. Spectrum Culture (September 2016).

Other PeopleSpectrum Culture (September 2016).

The 9th Life of Louis DraxSpectrum Culture (September 2016).

Don't BreatheSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

The LimeySpectrum Culture (July 2016).

The InnocentsSpectrum Culture (July 2016).

IntruderSpectrum Culture (June 2016).

TickledSpectrum Culture (June 2016).

TikkunSpectrum Culture (June 2016).

Presenting Princess ShawSpectrum Culture (May 2016).

Kill Zone 2Spectrum Culture (May 2016).


Film and Entertainment Features

The Ritual. Spectrum Culture (March 2018).

The Hallow. Spectrum Culture (February 2018).

Time Bandits. Spectrum Culture (February 2018).

Wide Open Spaces (20 Years Later). Spectrum Culture (January 2018).

Underworld. Spectrum Culture (January 2018).

Ricki and the Flash. Spectrum Culture (January 2018).

Rediscover: House. Spectrum Culture (December 2017).

Enzo Avitabile Music Life. Spectrum Culture (November 2017)

The Game (20 Years Later). Spectrum Culture (November 2017)

Philadelphia. Spectrum Culture (September 2017)

The Fifth Element (20 Years Later)Spectrum Culture (August 2017). 

The 100 Best Songs of the 1990s. Spectrum Culture (June - August, 2017)

Princess Mononoke (20 Years Later)Spectrum Culture (August 2017).

Holy Hell! Come on Over Turns 20. Spectrum Culture (August 2017).

Criminally Underrated: TwilightSpectrum Culture (July 2017).

Revisit: Deep RedSpectrum Culture (June 2017). 

Train to BusanSpectrum Culture (June 2017).

ZombieSpectrum Culture (May 2017).

Certified CopySpectrum Culture (May 2017). 

The Wind That Carries UsSpectrum Culture (April 2017).

King Kong (2005 version)Spectrum Culture (February 2017).

Suspiria (40 Years Later)Spectrum Culture (January 2017).

Titanic (20 Years Later)Spectrum Culture (January 2017).

The Best Films of 2016Spectrum Culture (December 2016).

The Best Performances of 2016. Spectrum Culture (December 2016).

Magic Mike. Spectrum Culture (November 2016).

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Spectrum Culture (November 2016).

The Best Horror Comedies of All TimeSpectrum Culture (October 2016).

Here Comes the DevilSpectrum Culture (September 2016).

Best Actors of All Time: Tom HanksSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

Shadow of a DoubtSpectrum Culture (August 2016).

The LimeySpectrum Culture (July 2016)